Sachtler 1049 Tripod System



Sachtler 1049 Eng 2 MCF System FSB 10 Including FSB 10 T Fluid Head - Touch & Go (S2046-0001), Tripod ENG 2 CF (5386), Mid-Level Spreader with Rubber Feet and Padded Bag. Please note: Ground spreader not included
FSB 10 T Fluid Head
The popular FSB series is expanding with the introduction of a new, entry-level 100MM Fluid Head that offers increased payload (up to 12KG), smooth as silk movement and affordable entry into the professional 100mm class for shooters on the go.
With 5 drag steps, the FSB 10 T offers very smooth, jerk free drag when selecting the same drag setting for both vertical (tilting) and horizontal (panning) values. The FSB 10 T is extremely robust and reliable, completely dependable during operation and it has a long life time, even when used in extreme environments. The 100mm bowl supports larger medium sized professional camcorders and the larger base enables a wider set-up of tripod legs to provide even more stability.
The speedbalance counterbalance mechanism with 10 counterbalance steps makes for fast and precise set up. You can choose between...

  • 1x FSB 10 T Fluid Head
  • 1x Tripod ENG 2 CF
  • 1x Mid-level spreader + rubber feet
  • 1x Padded Bag

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