Sachtler AKTIV 10 Tripod kit



Sachtler S2072S-FT (S20-72SFT) Aktiv 10 Sideload Fluid Head with Flowtech 100 Tripod, Rubber feet, and Bag - Cat no: sachtler-s2072s-ft-aktiv-10-kit-no-spreader / S2072S-FT

Level up with aktiv™ the fluid head built for speed.
Mount, level and lock your head in seconds. The revolutionary aktiv™ head with unique SpeedLevel™ and SpeedSwap™ technology delivers the fastest way to place and position your camera to capture the perfect shot.

Level and lock your head in an instant.
Unique SpeedLevel™ technology
Never miss the shot.  aktiv™ fluid heads feature revolutionary SpeedLevel™ technology. Release, level, and lock your head tightly into the perfect position without missing a second of action.  Clear confirmation that the camera is level comes from the illuminated PrismBubble visible from any height or angle – day or night.

Capture extreme low-angle shots right down to the ground.
Innovative streamlined mounting system
Go lower than ever.  aktiv™ and flowtech® combine to provide a flexible one tripod solution delivering the widest height range.  With no bowl clamp required, aktiv™ heads allow flowtech® tripods to go flat to the ground for the perfect low-angle shot.

Switch between tripod and slider in seconds.
Revolutionary SpeedSwap™ system
Stay fast for ultimate creativity.  aktiv™ fluid heads feature the unique SpeedSwap™ system, allowing lightning-fast camera swaps from a tripod to a slider without missing a beat.  The perfect camera movement is just a SpeedSwap™ away. 

Create moving stories, whatever the weather.
Performance tested to the extreme
Ready for anything.  aktiv™ is precision engineered with quality materials and to the industry renowned Sachtler standard to create a premium system.  Tested in extreme ranges of temperature and humidity, with aktiv™ you will never lose your head.


  • 1 x Aktiv™10 Head
  • 1 x Sideload plate S 
  • 1 x Pan bar DV 75 right
  • 1 x Flowtech®100 tripod
  • 1 x Attachment mount
  • 1 x Flowtech® padded bag

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