SmallHD 17-inch HD Monitor SmallHD 1703P3 Studio - 17inch Full HD Studio Monitor (SHD-MON1703L)



SmallHD's new HD Studio Monitors for those shooting in controlled lighting environments, the new 1703 Studio is perfect for the video village and Acs. It features the exact same build quality and software feature set as the HDR Monitors. Built-in ColorFlow technology enables the use of custom 3D LUTs in a variety of ways:custom display calibration, realtime preview of “creative” LUTs designed for post-production, and the ability to imbed LUTs in the video stream for display on monitors downstream. Built-in HD Waveform can provide detailedanalysis on pre-LUT and post-LUT video data, further improving exposure decisions when shooting in flat looking log profiles.

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