SMALLRIG NATO Clamp Handle with Shoe Mounts

color_name: NATO Handle 1955


  • SMALLRIG quick release dslr handle 1955 is designed for the top orientation with the NATO adapter and has quick release knob on the bottom. Compatible with NATO Rails, it is usually used with SmallRig cages for small-sized mirrorless cameras: such as a6500 cage, a6300 cage, a7sii cage, a7riii cage, GH4 Cage, CH5 cage, G7 cage, G85 cage, etc.
  • It comes with an allen wrench on the side, which attaches via magnet inside the handle. You can use it for different purposes, you can loosen those screws on the other side and can change front to back orientation according to your need. So that makes it very easy to use for balancing the camera for handheld use
  • On one side, it has several different style of mounting points: 1/4'' and 3/8'' threads and locating hole for ARRI. It has three different built in cold shoe mounts, one on the top, and two on each end of the handle
  • Small in size, it is a great addition for people who prefer a compact setup. NOTE: The grip part is only 118mm long, so it may be a bit short for someone who has a big palm
  • It is easily removable without any tools, so that you can keep your accessories attached to it and then just remove the handle for packing the gear in a smaller package

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