SMALLRIG Quick Release Shoulder Plate for Sony VCT-14:

color_name: Tripod Adapter 2169


  • UPDATED VERSIONã SMALLRIG Shoulder Rig Pad 1954 is now compatible with Sony VCT-14, Wooden Camera Unified VCT-14 Tripod Plate, E-Image Quick-Release Tripod Adapter, TRIAD VTA-14 V-Lock Tripod Adapter and Teris TX-VCT-14. Here is the introduction:
  • QUICK RELEASE】 Equipped with a quick release plate for Manfrotto 501 standard for switching camera handheld rig to tripod quickly, the quick release plate could be slid about 80mm forwards or backwards when the tightening knobs are loose. It also comes with two rosettes for ARRI standard for attaching extension arms and rosette handle grips, such as SMALLRIG rosette arm 1870, rosette arm 1807, rosette arm 1684, rosette handle 1941, rosette handle 1891, etc.
  • €FOR LWS SYSTEM】 Both front and rear sides integrated a dual 15mm rod clamp for LWS system. The rod clamp in front is adjustable in height (range 23mm), so the LWS system can work for Sony FS7/FS7II/FS5, Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini and Canon C100.
  • €MOUNTING POINTS】 The right side of this plate is patterned with 1/4" threads for more DIY possibilities and will not limited to cable clamp and wireless video transmitter.
  • €HIGH RESILENCE FOAM】 The shoulder padding is made of high resilience foam to ease the pressure on shoulder, it is generous and comfortable.

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