Sony ACC-L1BP (ACCL1BP) NP-F970 Battery and AC-VQ1051D Adaptor/Charger Kit. Sony NP-F970 (NPF970) high capacity L-series Li-Ion battery pack (6600mAH)
This battery provides the longest running time of all L series batteries, with approximately 4-5 hours operation on an HVR-Z1E or up to 7 hours on a DSR-PD170P.
Incorporates Sony InfoLithium technology which enables compatible camcorders to accurately report the charge remaining.
VQ1051D AC Adaptor / Charger
AC Adaptor / Charger for L series InfoLITHIUM™ batteries. Quick charging of up to two batteries. LCD displays battery charge status.
This accessory kit offers real flexibility for professionals, giving longer battery life and faster re-charging than ever before. The AC-VQ1051D can provide AC power to your camcorder or quickly charge two InfoLITHIUM L series batteries in sequence. The NP-F970 high capacity, long-lasting battery powers your camcorder longer than any other battery in the L-series, and because its InfoLITHIUM you'll be able to see the remaining...

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