Sony ECM-VG1 condenser microphone



Extremely Lightweight, Equipped with a Newly Developed Windscreen Making it Ideal for Field Sound Shooting with Compact Camcorders or Boom Poles.

Outstanding Sound QualityThe ECM-VG1 is specifically designed for professional field and studio production applications at an affordable price. It offers a flat-and-wide frequency response (40Hz to 20kHz), excellent sensitivity of -33dB (0 dB=1 V/Pa), and a low inherent noise level of less then 18dB SPL. It delivers exceptionally smooth and natural sound reproduction.

Compact and Extremely Lightweight Design with Metal Body
Designed as an extremely lightweight shotgun microphone, the ECM-VG1 maintains good balance even when mounted on compact camcorders.
Weight 66g (2.3 oz), 92g (3.2 oz) with windscreen
Length 210mm (8 3/8 inches), 230mm (9 1/8 inches) with windscreen

Built-in Low-cut filter
The built-in two-position (M,V) low-cut switch proivdes a simple method of reducing the effects of unwanted ambient noise.

External DC (40 to 52V) Operation
The ECM-VG1 provides an electronically balanced output operation on 48V standard external power.

Newly Developed Windscreen
The ECM-VG1 comes with a newly developed windscreen. An internal frame fixes the windscreen rigidly, making a space between the microphone and the outside part of the windscreen. It suppresses strong wind moise and protects the ECM-VG1 from the contact noise that is typical in harsh operational environments such as outdoor applications.

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