Taigen Hand Painted RC Tank - Metal Upgrade - Panther G - 360 Turret



Taigen Hand Painted RC Tank - Metal Upgrade - Panther G - 360 Turret

This is a new addition to the Taigen hand painted RC tank collection and one of the best looking so far. The German Panther G is nearly a whopping 2-foot in length and with its striking hand painted body, metal components, including idler wheel, sprocket, tracks, gun, headlights, gearbox, and the realistic sound generator, this tank is a must have for any collector.

The Panther G is crammed with features including a powerful BB gun with recoil and sound effects on fire, LED flashing machine gun, upgraded high capacity 2000mAh battery plus a cool smoke generator. The turret rotates a full 360 degrees and has an elevation of 30 degrees. The tank comes with an advanced 2.4 GHz radio system that gives you a longer range, improved reliability and the ability to use multiple models in the same area without having to use different frequency radio sets. From your transmitter you have full control of both the tank movement and all the additional features

The Panther G has full multi-directional and proportional speed control as well as full control over the turret. The tracks, just like a real tank, move independently and are powered by individual motors giving plenty of power and the ability to rotate on the spot. There is a working multi coil suspension system with proper link tracks which allows the tank to climb over obstacles with ease. The included 7.2v Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack has a high capacity of 2000MaH for longer use time between charges and lots of power.

Full List Of Upgrades:

  • 360 degrees turning turret
  • Hand painted tank and commander
  • Metal turret
  • Metal gun barrel
  • Metal gun head
  • Metal tracks
  • Metal drive wheel and idle wheel
  • Steel gearset
  • Metal suspension
  • Metal photo etch
  • Metal pull rope
  • Metal view part
  • Metal armour
  • Metal turret cover
  • Shoulder wheel with bearing
  • Metal chassis
  • Metal front and rear hook
  • Metal machine gun light
  • Metal front forward light

The automatic reloading airsoft cannon with track recoil action shoots 6 mm plastic pellets as far as 25 meters and can hold 40 rounds at a time. The metal gun barrel can raise up to 30 degrees and has a powerful red warning light that illuminates before firing. The tank also features a smoke and sound simulator that adds to the fun and realism. The sound system has realistic sounds including different engine speed sounds and gunfire. As the sound system is 2 channel, you can hear the gunfire over the engine sounds. The cool smoke generator actually produces a small cloud of smoke from the exhaust. The distressed paint effects are carefully done by hand to give the appearance of age and battle, which is finished off perfectly with the included tank commander who is also fully painted in uniform. This really is a high quality and superb looking model that when not being used makes an excellent display model.

A Brief History of the German Panther G

The Panther was a tank fielded by Germany in World War II that served from mid-1943 to the end of the European war in 1945. It was intended as a counter to the T-34, and to replace the Panzer IV and III, though it served along side them and the other heavy tanks until the end of the war. The Panther's excellent combination of firepower, mobility, and protection served as a benchmark for other nations' late war and immediate post-war tank designs and it is frequently regarded (along with the Soviet T-34-85) as the best tank design of World War II. The German Panther however was a compromise of various requirements. While sharing essentially the same engine as the Tiger I tank, it had better frontal armour, better gun penetration and was lighter overall and therefore faster. It was capable of handling rougher terrain better than the Tigers. The trade-off was weaker side armour. The Panther proved to be deadly in open country and shooting from long range, but vulnerable to close-quarters combat.

The Panther G comes complete with a hand-painted distressed camo design. Below are some images showing the plastic and metal components of the tank before it is painted. 

Unpainted 1

 Unpainted 3

Unpainted 2

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