Tascam TM-90BM Boundary Condenser Microphone Black




Color: Black


  • Ideal for personal broadcasting with two or more persons
  • Half super-cardioid polar pattern
  • Unobtrusive design and colour, only 24 mm high, perfect for video podcasts
  • Frequency response optimised for speech
  • High sound pressure resistance

Details: The TM-90BM is an affordable boundary condenser microphone for applications where multiple speakers or other sound sources are to be miked on an equal basis. It is ideally suited for personal broadcasting, reinforcement of conferences or stage plays or ambience miking, for instance. Compared to miking with several microphones, using a boundary mic has several advantages like higher sensitivity, less tone colouration, an unobstructed view, less 'microphone fright' and more. Make sure you place this mic on a large, hard surface such as a table, hard panel or floor to fully benefit of the boundary microphone principle and to obtain a rich sound (the larger the surface, the better the low frequency response).

Package Dimensions: 10.6 x 7.4 x 3.1 inches

Binding: Electronics

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