Vaxis Atom 500 Wireless Video Transmission System SDI HDMI Dual Interface for DSLR Camera HD Mobile Phone APP Monitoring(Vaxis ATOM 500 SDI Version)



VAXIS Channel Scanner (p/n 6972119121591) - Cat no: vaxis-channel-scanner / VSA19-001

Brand: LookingSky


  • 【SDI interface】 The 500 wireless video transmission system have SDI&HDM dual interfaces, and the maximum support is 1080P@60/1080i@60 format,SDI output switching station/broadcast station for a long time
  • 【150m stable transmission distance】Equipped with antenna protection cover, it can protect for a long time, and the transmission distance is still stable as before.【13 optimized frequency points】 Turn on and adjust the channel intelligently according to the environment,500 wireless video transmission system TX/RX are provided with frequency sweep function or manual selection after frequency sweep.
  • 【APP Monitoring 】 Scan the code of mobile phone to monitor the APP and upgrade the device directly.【Multi-language menu, OLED screen】 more controllable operation interface more concise, multi-language menu interface.
  • 【Ultra-low delay time of 0.08 seconds】500 wireless video transmission system latency optimized and upgraded again, almost invisible to the naked eye for 0.08 seconds
  • 【Type-C/NPF-970 dual power supply】 Hot plugging, intelligent switching, long time power supply.【Intelligent adjustable fan】 automatic temperature control, multi-mode active adjustment

Details: Technical parameters: Interface: transmitter:HDMI Input /SDI input receiver:HDMI output /SDI output Power supply: 5V DC Power consumption: ≤6.5 w. Weight: Transmitter:170 g Receiver:170 g Size: Transmitter:113 * 63.5 * 20 mm Receiver:113 * 63.5 * 20 mm Transmission frequency band: 5GHz Transmitting power: 17DBM Transmission delay: 80ms, interference environment 120ms Reception sensitivity: -80dbm Packing list: 1×Transmitter 1×Receiver 1×packing box 1×instruction manual 1×Type-C cable

Package Dimensions: 9.7 x 7.5 x 6.7 inches


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