WFGZQ Gas Mask, Full Face Gas Mask Large View Rubber Respirator Protective Full Face Cover Vapor Mask Vapor Respirator Mask:



  • It is a air clean protection product. Relies on the wearer's breathing to overcome the resistance of the parts, and protects against toxic and harmful gases, steam, and particulate (such as poisonous smoke, poisons), to protect the respiratory system and
  • Classic cylindrical screen, suitable for wearing a helmet to work.It is light and comfortable to wear.
  • Anti-shock, anti-scratch, high light transmittance, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, with maximum protection of the face.
  • Anti-fog coating design, has a good anti-toxic and high cost performance.
  • The part close to face, is made of natural rubber material, making the face feel softer and more comfortable, with high air tightness and multiple protection.

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