Xeen 15050t1.5 m T1.5 Cine Lens MFT Connection 50 mm Black



Brand: Xeen

Color: black


  • 4 K Fahiges full format LENS
  • Luminous Intensity: T1.5
  • 0.8 mm sprocket
  • 50 mm T1.5 Xeen Cine lens MFT mount

Details: Very large cinema - Xeen Cinema lenses
Xeen stands for some amazing optical performance and outstanding mechanical manufacture. The whole Xeen Cinema Category Made By Samyang is especially suited to the needs of film producers. Heavy duty materials, uniform design and entkoppelte aperture/Follow Focus sprockets are just a few that the high level of a video lens discussion of feelings.
The bright cinema lens 50/1.5 Xeen is suitable Full Size, Innenfokussierend, and thanks to the relatively wide picture angle very versatile. Like all Xeen Cinema lenses, also removes dried the Xeen 50/1.5 with 4 K and is in the shape with the other lenses in this line are the same. This means: Overall Length: case diameter, and the secure gear rim clearance for the plate and focus ring are with all models perfectly at the same time. So both hands are free and goes, regardless of whether it is in the rig or on the tripod, even with installed follow focus system is quick and easy to put together and take of the palm of your hand. Like Cine Lens Constructions, is also seen on this Xeen Lens One Rasterlose and fully adjustable hood with side ablesbaren aperture and a distance scale and sprockets for the focus using a follow focus, of course.
High quality finish and mechanism
Of course, you can mount this 50/1.5 Xeen not use only with cameras that have a full-frame sensor. Filming, this is also available with super - 35 mm APO 70-200 mm F2.8 II EX DG Macro and APS/H Camera Sensors absolutely no problem. The sharpness This lens stands even at fully open aperture and has the 200 ° Long Focus precise control.
The lens construction from 13 lenses in 12 groups has been installed in a solid body made from aluminium. The necessary settings on the follow focus or aperture ring freely and can be on all follow focus systems with 0.8 mm sprocket

Release Date: 15-06-2016

Package Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.9 x 6.9 inches

Binding: Accessory

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