Zipper Electric Scooter 800W With Suspension



Brand: Zipper Scooters 0% Credit Free UK Delivery


  • 800 W Electric Scooter
  • large scooter
  • ability to cover up to 35 km on a single charge
  • travels at 35 km per hour

Details: This is one of the highest quality electric scooter' with lots of the extras included? This 800W e-scooter is feature packed which includes front and rear shocks, a hard ABS deck with a stylish design and very built frame made of high tension steel. This e-scooter also has a wide deck, large size wheels and is chain driven to ensure a quiet pollution free ride. Ability of covering up to 33KM per charge and having a maximum speed of 35KM per hour makes it a sought after product.

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